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Frequently ask Questions

  • What are Marias pickle ingredients?
    • Marias has on offer different varieties of pickles including cut mango, lemon, hot & sweet, white lemon, mixed vegetable, vadukappuli, dates, green chili, gooseberry, bitter gourd, puliyinchi, garlic, ginger, tender mango, fish and prawn pickle. All these pickles are prepared and preserved in the most traditional and natural manner without adding any chemicals and synthetic colours.

  • How to make pickle?
    • From very old times, people in different communities across the world used to prepare pickles as a means for preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables. Kerala pickles are generally spicy and tangy and are expected to spice up even the most banal meals. Marias pickles are made using natural ingredients inspired by traditional recipes, using the most advanced food processing and preserving technology.

  • Are pickles healthy to eat?
    • Pickles prepared in the most hygienic settings with natural ingredients have many health benefits. As they contain natural ingredients they are healthy to eat. Natural spices help to improve immunity, restore electrolyte balance, treat muscle cramps, control blood sugar and provide antioxidants

  • How Marias special products help to cook easily?
    • Marias special products such as garlic paste, ginger paste, ginger garlic paste, instant fry paste, chicken fry paste, fish paste and rasakkoottu. These instant ingredients save a lot of time in cooking, even while keeping the food the most natural.

  • Are Marias jams healthy?
    • Marias jams are absolutely healthy as they are made of the most natural ingredients. No added colour or preservatives are used in their preparation. They are also tasty and rich in vitamins.

  • What are the health advantages of rural products from Marias such as cambodge and tamarind?
    • These traditional food ingredients help to resist disease-causing microorganisms such as virus and bacteria. They help in digestion, are rich in anti-oxidants, regulate blood pressure, improve the heart health and reduce inflammation.