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Marias Special

A lip-smacking range of masala mix, tasty jams, pickles, spices, sauces in Kerala

Spice   up   your   dining   with   Marias   masala   mix  
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Marias is the manufacturer, distributor and exporter of a range of food products that are unavoidable in Malayali's diet. Our reputation as the favourite brand of Kerala pickles, jams, and other products can be attributed to the perfect quality and authentic taste that we assure in each of our products. We apply the latest food processing technology to preserve the freshness, natural taste and nutritional value. Each of the ingredients that goes into Marias’s products are carefully chosen to ensure maximum quality. Further the products are prepared under the guidance of expert chefs and food specialists. In today's busy life, most of our products such as pickles, jams, squashes, concentrates etc. are a boon for modern kitchens, where people spend minimum time for cooking. By adding Marias products to the family menu, one can make any ordinary or routine meal all the more special

  • Masala Mix
  • Traditional Kerala pickles
  • Jams
  • Squashes
  • Fruit Syrups
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Our   Products


Tasty sauces and ketchup that instantly appeal to your taste buds, both as an enriching ingredient in your recipe and as a yummy dip.


Enjoy the nostalgic taste of traditional Kerala pickles and add some spiciness, tanginess and zest to any meal with Marias pickles.

Vinegar & Pulp

Vinegar is an important ingredient in many homely dishes and it is also used to make salads and pickles tastier. Marias vinegar is your best choice in terms of quality.


In instant welcome drink for unexpected guests! A perfect beverage to make get-togethers sweeter and warmer!Marias squashes make any host relaxed.

Instant Cooking Pastess

Marias makes cooking easier and faster with instant cooking pastes such as ginger garlic paste, instant fry paste, chicken fry paste and fish fry paste.


Pick your favourite jam flavour from the tastiest range of Marias jams. In quality and taste, Marias jams are the best.